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Credo Search Boxes: Basic Search Boxes and Tools

Search boxes by subject

Credo Reference: Basic Search Box (Javascript)

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Credo Reference: Basic Search Box with descriptive text

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Credo is an easy-to-use tool for starting research. Use this box to search hundreds of full-text reference titles, as well as 500,000+ images and audio files and over 1,000 videos.

Credo Reference: Basic Search box (HTML)

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Credo Reference: Basic Search Box - opens in the same tab/window

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Credo Reference: Mind Map Search Box

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Adding your proxy

If your remote users access through a proxy, copy this LibGuide into your guides, find the box you'd like to proxy, and click "Edit Media/Widget code." Then, add your proxy information to the link in the fourth or fifth line of the code.

The unproxied Credo URL from the Health & Medicine search box:


EZ Proxy example:


WAM Proxy example:


Make sure to keep the quotation marks at the beginning and end of the URL, but remove them from between the proxy prefix and the Credo URL. If you have any issues, please contact for help in modifying the code.

Credo Reference: Basic Search Box with Library Card Authentication (sample)

If your patrons use their library cards for remote Credo access, this box format will let them skip the “Where are you from?” stage of authentication, and get right to the search results page after entering their library card barcode. Please note that you must already have library card enabled as the primary remote access method for your account.

To use this box, you'll need your "Credo client ID", which can be requested from or found in your platform permalinks and citations. Insert this value into the code where you see the ****, or just ask us for help!


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JAVASCRIPT VERSION (Recommended). Make sure to insert your client ID where you see the ****

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HTML VERSION:  If your page must use HTML instead of Javascript,  the code from the box above can be used. Make sure to insert your client ID where you see the ****. This format also works for proxy and OpenAthens, as the URL in the HTML code can't support a prefix.

Source search box

Source is an easy-to-use tool for starting research. Use this box to search hundreds of full-text reference titles, as well as 500,000+ images and audio files and over 1,000 videos.


Place a Credo Search Box right on your library's LibGuides! These boxes search within your entire collection (Basic Search Boxes) or different entry types (entries with videos, entries with pronunciation files, etc). Subject-specific boxes and boxes for our premium Subject Collection content can be found on other tabs. If you have any questions about which boxes to use, just submit a support request for help.

Simply copy this complete guide into your own LibGuides (Learn how to copy a LibGuide here - LibApps sign-in required). Please note that you must be using LibGuides v2 in order to copy our guides. Leave it unpublished, and you can import the appropriate Credo Search Box into your LibGuides using the Add New Box > Reuse an Existing Box function in your admin view.

To add your proxy, see the informational box at the bottom of this page for instructions, or submit a support request for help.

If you prefer the Credo results page to open in the same tab/window, use the "Opens in the same tab/window" box on the left or simply replace "_blank" in the last few lines of other boxes' code with "_self", or submit a support request for help.

Credo Reference: Image Search

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Credo Reference: Pronounciation Tool

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Credo Reference: Video Search

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Pick-and-Mix Search Box Sample

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DK Eyewitness (for Complete Core and Public Core subscribers ONLY)

Need help with your homework? Search DK Eyewitness Titles DK Logo

Real-time Reference Search Box

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Credo helps you start your research on controversial issues with Real-time Reference, including thorough background information and pro/con arguments on today's most debated topics.

Search Widget

Make it easy for students to search Credo or other resources from your library's database list with this search widget. To be included, the other resources must support permanent links to the search results page. To find the link, run a search in the resource, copy the URL from the address bar or permalink button, and replace your search term in this permalink with {0}.You can also find these search links in your Credo Admin account, if we've set them up for you.

To use this widget, simply copy it into your guides, click "Edit Media/Widget code," and insert the Search URL and resource title in the "Option" lines. You can add as many resources as you wish, by adding more "Option" lines. You can also add your proxy prefix to the front of each link to incorporate proxy access. Let us know if you need any help!

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